Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear Dan....

I'm so sorry that I never replied!!!! I feel terrible, so I decided that if you still read my page that you deserved a post all about you!

A girl is like a porcelain doll;
She has hair, eyes, a name abd she is fragile.
She is SO beautiful that you just have to have her! You can't get enough.
But sometimes she is just out of reach.

To like a girl you have to care for her, you have to care for her before you know what's wrong. You have to dry her eyes before she's even started to cry.
She has to know how you feel so that she has the chance to feel the same way.

A girl is a flower in an enchanted garden and you need to protect her from the harsh, cold winter.

....get to know her, tell her how you feel and always remember to be yourself...

P.S. I apologise again Dan... but I hope this can help and even if it won't with the girl you wrote to me about I hope that it can help in the future and I thank you sooooooooo much for your early support

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