Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why is it that we think that we know what love is?
Does anyone?

Why is it that as teenagers we insist on falling in love and staying with that person until we grow old and live a full life only dying once we've done so and being happy in the face of death?

Loss is big,
Loss is scary,
Why do we insist on having it in our lives?

I'm going to leave you with one final though for today....
You'll have to think about it and for as long as you're thinking about it, it is possible you will never find the answer...
So answer my question if you can....


Monday, April 20, 2009


It lurks, it hides, and it waits in the shadows.
It follows us wherever we go, we run, but we can not hide,
Death will always find us.

The ines we grow to know and love are snatched from our hands and taken for what feels like forever, where do we go?
What do we do?

How is it fair that we do not get the chance to say good-bye?
How can this be "Gods will"?
If there was a God wouldn't he/she want everyone to be happy?
For no one to be in pain?
For there to be peace and harmony in the world?

Why must we live like this?
Why does it all have to hurt so much?

We will miss you for what will feel like forever and may the angels take care of you.
May there be no more pain.
I will not say good-bye but see you later,
I will see you again someday, when I do not know,
Nor do I know how,
But we will meet again and stay forever....

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Why is it as soon as we get up to try again someone is always there to bring us down?
Why is it that as soon as we are happy we make ourselves sad?
Why is it when someone get close we push them away?
Why is it that we want our friends to be happy with someone when they finally are we hate the person they are with?....

In my case hate might be a too strong a word....ummmmm... how about dislike....?
My beautiful friend who we are going to refer to as... Billie... is the best friend anyone could ask for she is:
  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • Funny

Well she's just all round talented, but she is dating this real dead beat who is showing early signs of an abusive relationship, and he's already cheated on her TWICE!!!!

He doesn't deserve her and she desrves better....

I mean she's dating this guy and he's a heavy drinker, heavy drug user and when they had taken a break, he would call her and text her telling her about all of the floozies he had slept with. When my other friend... who we will call Kay... Kay and I tell Billie what we see she just gets annoyed with us and acts childish. I mean the ass she calls her boyfriend is already trying to stop her from having anything to do with us....

Who wants to be in a relationship like that????

Friday, April 10, 2009

How Im Seen

  1. Ugly
  2. Fat
  3. Repulsive
  4. Crude
  5. Midget
  6. Drama Queen
  7. Depressive/Depressed/Emo
  8. Annoying
  9. Bitch
  10. Mole

I could go on forever but then I would bore you. Sad how I can some up a persims first opinon of me on ten words.

I wish he would notice me and tell me it's alright, hold me and tell me it will be ok...

Why can't life be like a hollywood movie?

Good? Friday

I sit and I think,

It's the only thing that one can really do when there is nothing left....

Why is it that we set out to destroy the ones we love?
We set out to love the ones we want to destroy,
Why is it that we demolish any chance we have at a normal life?

As a teenager I have weird feelings towards friends, family and everyone else. But as a teenager I feel love, can this really happen? Do I even know what "love" is?

Everything is moving too fast around me.... Do I have any hopes to slow it down?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flashy Words Written By Shihan

Flashy words make the world turn but it don't turn right
Flashy words make the world turn but it don't turn right

So I use these, real eyes to, realize the real lies being spoken but not heard 'cause
We are more fascinated by that which are fabricated

The, iconoclastic tactless tactician aims
Tongues spits truth, words like wrecking balls
Bounce off brains 'cause nobody likes to hear what's going on these days it's like
The truth hurts
And we've been lied to a bunch of hollowed minds living on borrowed times and
Nobody likes to hear that and nobody likes to say it either 'cause
Lazy Angels never carry their wings and
Wingless words do nothing but keep us down so
This New York poet yells there is no satisfaction in knowing that
Your life is one of the saddest fictions ever written.

So take your not so satisfactory life back
To the Sadness Factory to
Be reworked and to
Be rewritten and to
Be reconfigured to live right.

Open your brain let your heart go
The Real You has been locked within your ribcage for too long and
Stop trying to hold on to then 'cause that's why it all started.
And about that same time He forgot fun
She lost hope and now We
Can't find anything.

And I swear to God if I could swear to God I'd ask Her
What the fuck was She thinking when She gave us Free Will
'Cause we done fucked things up 'cause
Kids dont play and God don't pray
'Cause it's out of Her hands now.

See I've rewritten the Bible after getting over the primal rage
Of finding my name disguised within a Bible's page and
People trying to dissect my destiny to find that
Words somehow make the world turn but it really doesn't turn right.
And suddenly the world stops spinning because words weren't good enough.

So I tell you a blind man once told me the true meaning of love at first sight
So I close my eyes and I recited this poem
To a audience of one that found total gratification and my undivided attention
And when I opened my eyes I found myself standing before a mirror
Staring into the eyes of an invisible man until my pupils became pupils
And I could teach myself to live a better life.

From a piece of mind brings peace of mind all I gotta do is give a piece of mine
Only the words piece together the pieces in me to create peace within me.
But shit they are all pieces
Pieces to a puzzle which when put together, is me.

So let me tell you something
Don't ever do anything you're not supposed to
And speak only when spoken to
And don't speak unless you mean
'Cause a good man is hard to find
and a hard man is good to find
And I'm half the man I used to be and
One fourth the person I should be or could be
'Cause I sacrificed freedom for stardom
After being fucked out of my freedom without a condom
Now how dumb was I.

Words, break these words down to the syllables
They all are the silly bulls they represent
And what do I represent?
Well it's hard to say when my rep resents the fact that I have to question myself when each time that question represents itself.
I can, therefore I am and,
Sticks and stones may break your bones but Words will always teach you.


I'd Rather Be Hated For Who I Am Than Liked For Someone I'm Not...