Monday, April 20, 2009


It lurks, it hides, and it waits in the shadows.
It follows us wherever we go, we run, but we can not hide,
Death will always find us.

The ines we grow to know and love are snatched from our hands and taken for what feels like forever, where do we go?
What do we do?

How is it fair that we do not get the chance to say good-bye?
How can this be "Gods will"?
If there was a God wouldn't he/she want everyone to be happy?
For no one to be in pain?
For there to be peace and harmony in the world?

Why must we live like this?
Why does it all have to hurt so much?

We will miss you for what will feel like forever and may the angels take care of you.
May there be no more pain.
I will not say good-bye but see you later,
I will see you again someday, when I do not know,
Nor do I know how,
But we will meet again and stay forever....

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